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Carrotmob Makes It Rain


IF we spend as much money as we can


THEN K and D Market will invest 22% of all revenue into energy efficiency upgrades

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29 Mar 2008
01:00PM - 05:00PM


K and D Market (Map)
3177 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Organized by Brent Schulkin

This was the first ever Carrotmob campaign! I went to 23 liquor stores in San Francisco's Mission District to see which business would make the strongest commitment to environmental sustainability. There were two motivations behind this campaign. First, concern about climate change, and a desire to see more businesses do energy efficiency retrofits. Second, a desire to experiment with a new model for advocacy and prove the Carrotmob concept. After reaching out to 23 businesses I found 5 who were willing to compete for the carrot. Each business bid what percent of the campaign's revenue they would be willing to reinvest in energy efficiency measures, as identified by an energy audit (which was facilitated by the SF Energy Watch program). Once we had our winner, hundreds of people came out to spend money, and the Carrotmob movement was born! See more about this campaign here: http://vimeo.com/925729

Campaign Impact

We raised enough money for K&D Market to completely retrofit their lighting system, switching from inefficient T12 lamps to more efficient T8 lamps. This covered the cost of light fixtures, ballasts, lamps, wire, connectors, labor, and the hazardous waste disposal fee. This created energy demand savings of approximately .887 kW. We also partially caused the installation of new gaskets in the refrigerators. We also collected 366 pounds of food which was donated to the San Francisco Food Bank.

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