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Henniker Heating the Book Farm with Biofuels


IF Increase profit by $500 over normal daily income.


THEN Devote 100% of profits collected (in person or online) to install a high efficiency wood burning stove.

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10 Dec 2013
10:00AM - 06:00PM


The Book Farm, www.hennikerbookfarm.com (Map)
34 Old W Hopkinton Road
Henniker, NH 03242, USA

Organized by CyndyCarlson

We are so excited to be planning the first Carrotmob in “The only Henniker on Earth”, Henniker New Hampshire! The organization of the event is being done as a class project jointly between two courses at New England College: “Energy and the Environment” and “Methods of Environmental Education” – both are perfect fits for a Carrotmob! Students canvassed the town delivering applications to all locally owned appropriate businesses (i.e. not real estate offices).

The Book Farm (http://www.hennikerbookfarm.com/), a locally-owned used book store, proposed the perfect project for us. They want to upgrade their 50-year old oil-fired furnace to a high-efficiency, wood burning stove so that they can be completely free of fossil fuels for heating. They propose to donate ALL of the profits from the day of the mob to the energy improvements. Their enthusiasm and proposal made it easy to select them to be mobbed!

The Carrotmob will be on Tuesday, 10 December, from 10am to 6pm. People can visit The Book Farm at 34 Old West Hopkinton Road, can buy items online at their website (above), or can catch a shuttle from the front of the Simon Center at New England College directly to The Book Farm throughout the day.

We need to raise $500 to make this project work, so please buy a book for the holidays and help us help wean this local business off fossil fuels!

Thank you!

Campaign Impact

We met our goal of $500 for the mob, and the Book Farm will be getting their new wood burning stove! A HUGE win-win all around. Thank you!

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