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Organizing a Carrotmob campaign

Campaigns are organized by individuals and organizations around the world.

Here's how to start one in your community.
Start a campaign

Start a campaign

1. Design your campaign

Choose the issue you want to work on, and make sure it's an issue we will approve.
Build a team to plan the campaign with you.
Talk to businesses and agree on what they will commit to doing. You will sign an agreement with the business and upload it.
Pick a date and time for your event and plan other logistics.

2. Promote your campaign

Enter your campaign details. We'll take a look at your campaign to be sure it fits within the guidelines.
Once your campaign is approved you will have an official page to promote.
Spread the word to your friends and local community. Write updates to keep your mobbers in the loop.
Enjoy your event! Keep things running smoothly as people show up and spend money.

3. Follow up

Share the results of your campaign: total attendees and money spent.
Follow up with the business and update your community on the changes they make.

To suggest a large-scale campaign to influence larger companies, click here.

If you organized a campaign before 2012, enter the details here.

Welcome to your first Carrotmob campaign!

Before you set off on this adventure, you must agree to the Carrotmob promise:

I'm not Carrotmobbing myself. I'm not affiliated with a business we're targeting, because that would present a conflict of interest.

I will never attack a business. Carrotmob is a win-win model. I will not criticize, threaten or attack businesses in order to achieve my goals. Even if a business does something horrible I will brush that dirt off my shoulder or contact Carrotmob HQ for help.

My campaign isn't about politics. I'm not asking for action related to a political candidate, party, or piece of legislation.

I understand that not every issue is allowed. If there has never been a campaign like mine before, Carrotmob HQ may suspend my campaign to decide whether it's going to be allowed. More info

I will follow through. I understand that I'm expected to make sure the business does what they commit to do, even if this takes a few months. If I don't follow up, no one else will. However, if I run into a problem with the business and need support, Carrotmob HQ will try to back me up.

I am not reckless. I will not break the law, or create an unsafe situation. The fire marshal and police department will have no problem with what I'm doing. I will represent the Carrotmob movement responsibly.

You must check all parts of the promise to continue.
I agree

Join the mob!

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